Fruit Juice Vinegar

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During season of fruits, we should avoid throwing the unsold overripe fruits, instead we can make them into expensive vinegars. The procedure is very simple as outlined below.

ripe fruits 2 kg
water 6 L
yeast 2 tsp
vinegar starter 8 c
sugar 4 c

measuring cup
measuring spoon
chopping board
wide-mouthed glass jars

1. Mash pulp of ripe fruits (pineapple, etc.)
2. Dilute one (1) part of mashed fruit by weight with three (3) parts of water in a clean container. Extract juice by pressing through cheesecloth.
3. Add 4 c sugar to every 32 c (8L) of diluted fruit juice. Pasteurize at 60ºC for 10-15 minutes.
4. Cool, transfer into sterilized container, half filled and add 2 tsp yeast.
5. Transfer in a sterilized container half-filled and cool. Add ¼ tsp yeast for every 4 c diluted liquid. Cover with clean cloth/paper.
6. Ferment for seven (7) days until alcohol content is about eight (8) percent by volume.
7. Pour gently the alcohol solution into another sterilized container so as not to disturb the sediments. Add one (1) cup vinegar starter for every four (4) cups of the solution. Cover with clean cloth/paper.
8. Set aside for 15-20 days then determine the acidity which is usually between 6-7 percent.
9. Decant/strain. Pasteurize at 60 – 65ºC for 5 minutes.
10. Fill in sterilized bottle and seal tightly.
11. Label and store.

Source: DOST, photo courtesy of

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