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Blog Template Style Definitions

With great power, comes great responsibility. To create your own blog template, you’ll need to define styles using the following style names. If you are modifying an existing template, some minor name variations might need to be changed to reflect the names below. Once your create a new CSS file, save it with either a […]

Submit Blog to Blog Directories

This post explains how to increase your blog traffic by submitting your blog to different kinds of blog directories which rates,provide statistics about your blog and provide free traffic and maximum exposure to your blog. Submitting your blog to these directories is a very good thing to do particularly if your blog is very new […]

Add a Web Counter

Adding a web counter to your blog page is quick and easy. 1. Get an account from a free web counter service like or are many options for free counters…check Google for more options. 2. Copy the javascript code provided by the web counter service. 3. Make sure your blog page document is […]

FreeImage Hosts For Your Blogs

Want to share photos,avatars,signatures,family pictures,animated icons,etc to your friends,family members,message boards,for auctions,forums,for your blogs,etc Here is the list of Image hosting services which host your photos for FREE. Some want to sign up before you upload your photos,and some don’t.But onething is common.After uploading,they will give direct links to your photos or some html codes […]

Adding Custom Favicon to Your Blog

Favicon (pronounced fav-eye-con) is short for ‘Favorites Icon.’ A Favicon is a multi-resolution image included on nearly all professional developed sites. Within Internet Explorer the Favicon is displayed on the Address line and in the Favorites menu and can be clearly seen in Firefox bookmark. The Favicon allows the webmaster to further promote their site, […]

Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

Learn how to hide,disable or remove the blogger navbar(navigation bar) from your blog.First,let us see what blogger navbar is: Blogger navbar allows users to easily navigate to other random blogs and it also has a feauture to search the blogs ,and mark any blog as spam.So,now you have a clear idea of what really a […]